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Being arrested for driving under the influence can result in serious penalties. Having the right DUI attorney can make all the difference in your case.

Contact a DUI skilled and experienced defense lawyer at the Los Angeles law firm of Lieber Williams & Labin today protect your rights. Typical consequences for a first time offense can include:

Fines and Fees – The minimum fine for a DUI is $390. However, this total does not include penalty assessments, which is basically a tax and can increase the fine 260%.

Alcohol Classes – The length of an alcohol class after a DUI conviction can range from three months to 18 months, depending on the blood alcohol level.

In cases where there are injuries after a collision or in matters where the driver has had multiple convictions, jail time is sometimes imposed. Driver’s license suspensions can range from four months to three years, depending on prior convictions and the age of the driver.

Our office offers Clients the unique advantage of having a former Deputy District Attorney, and experienced, top rated DUI defense attorneys working to get the best results. Our lawyers have argued DUI matters in front of the California Supreme Court, California Appellate Court, all Los Angeles Superior Courts, and all DMV Drivers Safety Offices.

Our attorneys have also obtained excellent settlements for our clients and have won trials in cases ranging DUI murder charges to first time DUI offenses. We give all of our Clients our FULL time and attention. We answer phone calls, respond immediately to emails, and have over 60 years of combined experience.

If you took a breath machine test and even if that breathalyzer result shows that your blood alcohol content was allegedly over .08%, we do not even consider accepting that as possibly accurate unless and until we investigate whether the breath testing machine was maintained and checked for accuracy according to the requirements of California law, which it often is not. Numerous other defenses exist in cases even where the chemical test result is over .08%, by weight of alcohol.

We also do not accept any blood test results as accurate until an independent laboratory has separately analyzed your blood’s alcohol level and has checked the preservative level and checked for bacterial growth (which can produce inaccurately high results). This can be critical to your defense because the prosecution’s lab does not test for the blood’s preservative level or for bacterial growth.

Finally, this piece of information is URGENT INFORMATION: You have only 10 days from the date of your arrest to request a DMV Administrative Per Se Hearing. If a hearing is not requested within 10 days, your driver’s license will be automatically suspended, even if a valid and winnable defense exists. To protect your rights, we will request a hearing for you right away to protect and do everything possible to save your license. IF YOU WAIT YOU COULD LOSE YOUR RIGHTS.

The most important thing to do right now is to contact an experienced DUI attorney. The attorneys at Lieber Williams & Labin to fight your case appropriately and give you the time and attention you need during this difficult time.

Links to More DUI Information

DUI Information: Los Angeles Metropolitan Courthouse

Metropolitan Courthouse is the largest DUI and traffic courthouse in California and is located in downtown Los Angeles (1945 S Hill St).

Below is a list of courtrooms (“D” = Department or Courtroom Number), the type(s) of cases they handle (arraignments, pretrial conferences, misdemeanor trials, traffic trials, etc), and the phone number for that Department.
  • D60 Misdemeanor Arrangements (213) 744-4057
  • D61 Trial Arrangements (213) 744-4053
  • D62 Misdemeanor Trial Court (213) 744-4055
  • D63 Trial Arraignment Court (213) 744-4051
  • D64 Overflow and Misdemeanor Trial Court (213) 744-4061
  • D65 Misdemeanor Trial Court (213) 744-4075
  • D66 Custody Arraignments (213) 744-4065
  • D67 Traffic Trials (213) 744-4068
  • D68 Misdemeanor Trial Court (213) 744-4073
  • D69 Preliminary Hearing Court (213) 744-4071
  • D71 Limited Criminal (213) 744-4077
  • D72 Limited Criminal (213) 744-4081
  • D73 Limited Criminal (213) 744-4083
  • D75 Misdemeanor Trial Court (213) 744-4085
  • D75 Misdemeanor Trial Court (213) 744-4087

Below is a video of Metropolitan Court in downtown Los Angeles. Parking is located in several areas, including under the courthouse itself. The cost is between $4-8 per day.


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